• 2009-2010 ‘De Galan School voor Training’ Ede,
The Netherlands Post graduate education in Communications training ‘Train the trainer’

• 1995-1999 ‘University of applied sciences’ Utrecht,
The Netherlands Bachelor of Health Science, physiotherapy Diploma June 1999

• 1994-1995 ‘The traveling Folkhighschool’ Denmark,
Zambia-Africa Hygiene and tree planting project

• 1987-1994 ‘Higher General Secondary Education’ Zeist,
The Netherlands Diploma may, 1994

• 2014 Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, of Ger Schurink MBCT Trainingen • 2013 Heartmath Stress Relief Program • 2013 Path of Mindfulness for Personal Growth, Treviglio Italia • 2011 ‘Advanced course Italian language, CILS 3′ Certificate September, 2013

• 2011 ‘TEFL teaching English as a foreign language, i-to-i’ Certificate April, 2011

• 2009 ‘Personal effectiveness’ and ‘Coping with aggression’

• 2007 ‘Time management’

• 2004 ‘Initial Sales Training and legislation temp agencies’ Certificate December, 2004 - Mc Connel approach to chronic knee problems 
- Mc Connel approach to chronic low back and leg pain
- Brian Mulligan Concepts, Introductory Course
- Modified Pilates for Physiotherapists in Women’s Health