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Whether you’d like to say goodbye to those aches and pains that can be so frustrating, or just feel like enjoying a relaxing and uplifting massage. Imagine feeling light and relaxed. Bursting with energy. Free to do anything you choose.That’s where I can help.

I’m Jiska van der Kooij, a fully qualified and experienced physiotherapist and trainer, and I offer energising and therapeutic massages that unlock both the body and the mind. I provide holistic treatments and workshops that take into account YOU as a whole person.
With extensive experience and knowledge in the field of physiotherapy and holistic treatments techniques, I tailor each treatment to you and your individual needs, focusing attention where it’s most needed so you gain maximum benefit.
You’ll receive a professional service in a relaxed, comfortable environment, safe in the knowledge that your treatment is being provided by a properly qualified practitioner.

Are you ready to feel more relaxed, energised and lighter?

When I was eight months pregnant I fell down the stairs, breaking a bone in my foot. Fortunately my baby wasn’t hurt, but the fall had a huge impact on everything else! Once the cast came off and my baby was born, I was finally able to start doing physiotherapy in order to become independent again, and this is where Jiska came in. Jiska is a Dutch physiotherapist, and she turned out to be a genuine source of support. Firstly in logistical terms, because she was prepared to come to my house, and secondly in psychological terms, as she was instrumental in helping me regain my confidence (my fears were twofold: fear of hurting myself again, and fear of hurting my baby). Finally, thanks to her competence and expertise she was able to tailor exercises to meet my needs, strengthening my ankle and improving my coordination, making my ankle even more mobile. I think I can claim to walk as well again as I did before!Claudia Vitali, Employee UBI Banca
I did a Mindfulness workshop because I wanted to learn more about Mindfulness and to do something for myself. The workshop was informative and interesting and the atmosphere was very pleasant. I have a better idea of what mindfulness is now. I liked the explanations. It was just the right amount of information for an introduction on Mindfulness. Kerstin Mierke, Writer and Editor