I did the introduction workshop on Mindfulness because I wanted to learn more about Mindfulness and to do something for myself. The workshop was informative and interesting and the atmosphere was very pleasant. I have a better idea of what mindfulness is now. I liked the explanations. It was just the right amount of information for an introduction on Mindfulness. Kerstin Mierke, Writer and Editor
When I was eight months pregnant I fell down the stairs, breaking a bone in my foot. Fortunately my baby wasn’t hurt, but the fall had a huge impact on everything else! Once the cast came off and my baby was born, I was finally able to start doing physiotherapy in order to become independent again, and this is where Jiska came in. Jiska is a Dutch physiotherapist, and she turned out to be a genuine source of support. Firstly in logistical terms, because she was prepared to come to my house, and secondly in psychological terms, as she was instrumental in helping me regain my confidence (my fears were twofold: fear of hurting myself again, and fear of hurting my baby). Finally, thanks to her competence and expertise she was able to tailor exercises to meet my needs, strengthening my ankle and improving my coordination, making my ankle even more mobile (flexible?). I think I can claim to walk as well again as I did before!Claudia Vitali, Employee UBI Banca
I signed up for Mindful Moving to dedicate a little time to my body & mind. I tried a yoga class which was mainly meditation, but not much physical movement. Mindful Moving is a nice mix. I like the stretching exercises a lot..Heather MacLeod, Private English Teacher
After a day of skiing I needed a massage to relax the muscles. Following the treatment the stiffness and aches completely disappeared. Thanks Jiska.Marco, Architect
I hoped for an insight into being a more 'present' indiviudal and to learn how to handle stress and emotions better. The introduction workshop on Mindfulness has given me 'food for thought' into what being mindful is and how it can help in everyday situation. I came away from the workshop with some techniques to become more aware, I would absolutely recommend it.Jennifer Keane, Teaching Assistant International School
I had a muscle contracture that blocked my shoulder making any movement very painful. After a massage I was able to move it much more and the pain had decreased.Fabio, Engineer
A friend gave me the introduction workshop on Mindfulness as a suprise 'treat' although I was a bit sceptical about what we were doing I soon felt very relaxed. I liked the calm space and the small group, intimate but enough people to share ideas and experiences. Mandy Zolkwer, Weddingplanner I do! Italia
Last October, Jiska carried out an introductory Mindfulness workshop with the 7 year old children in my class. She taught them some basic mindfulness techniques like a body scan and encouraged them to be self-observers. Jiska had a very calm and relaxed approach which really put the children at ease. Though all children enjoyed it, some found it challenging to observe their own bodies, thoughts and emotions. Therefore I feel that a series of workshops would be necessary for children to understand the concept of mindfulness. I think that learning mindfulness techniques at a young age could serve well for maintaining a balanced emotional state throughout one's lifetime. Emer Downing, Grade 3 Teacher International School
After the introductory workshop on Mindfulness I wanted to dedicate more time to Mindfulness and make it part of my routine. Mindful Moving is exactly what I was looking for and there is also a nice social aspect. I like the stretching, twists, and the body scan, and meeting with a group of women regularly. If you want to learn about Mindfulness in a practical way and integrate it into your life slowly and gently, Mindful Moving is a good place to start. Kerstin Mierke, Writer and Editor
I participated in the introduction workshop on Mindfulness because I wanted to understand what it was about. I enjoyed working with the other participants, and learning the basics about experiencing daily life mindfully. I would recommend it as something worth learning about, as well as something that can open your mind and help you get to know yourself better. Francesca Morandi, Lawyer
I had read a lot about Mindfulness and wanted a ‘taster’ of what it means in practice. I was satisfied with the workshop in terms of the information I received, and I would have liked more practical work. The part I enjoyed the ost was the meditation. Concepts like altruism and meta-cognition are complex, and I would have liked more in-depth discussion of these. The workshop is very useful if you don’t know what Mindfulness is and are curious about learning more about it! Petra Niessen, Nurse
After doing the introductory workshop on Mindfulness last year I was interested in following on with another class. Through Mindful Moving I'm becoming more aware of myself and how I feel and what I feel. It's an enjoyable class with lovely people.Jennifer Keane, Teaching Assistant International School
I was curious, I was hoping to relax and to experience new techniques that would help me to live better and with greater awareness. I was satisfied with the introduction workshop on Mindfulness because I understood what Mindfulness is about and how it can help me to feel better in everyday life; being in the present moment, with awareness, is fundamental. I enjoyed the meditation and the feeling of getting away from my thoughts for a while. Serena Sacchi, Housewife
A friend of mine suggested I do the introduction workshop on Mindfulness. I wanted to understand how Mindfulness can improve your life. It’s wonderful to discover that we all have the same problems and reactions, described by Jiska. Mindfulness isn’t something that can be understood in one session, but it’s interesting how you can do yourself a lot of good by doing very little. Elena Tinazzi, Mother
I've become interested in mindfulness over the years as a way to increase my own awareness and to help my clients do the same. I particularly hoped to learn how mindfulness could assist me and others be present in the here and now while still being focused on our life purpose. Jiska was very considerate of what I hoped to gain from the introduction workshop on Mindfulness, ensuring beforehand and during it my thoughts and impressions. The workshop content was detailed but not overwhelming. Jiska's examples of meditations and mindfulness methods gave me tools I can use with myself and with my clients. I would say do it. You will become aware of you and how much you are or are not living each moment in the here and now. Plus you will come away with a new approach to life Suzanne Beveridge, Leadership Coach, Get Ready To Lead Institute
I was looking for some information as a starting point to help me get my bearings and learn more about Mindfulness. The introduction workshop on Mindfulness awakens your curiosity and delves a little more deeply. I liked the practical part best. Now I would like to learn more about the history of Mindfulness and to deepen the practice.Laura Rosti, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Studio Macramè Bergamo
I wanted to do some gentle exercise. Mindful Moving helps me to exercise without making any brusque movements, unlike aerobics. I like the balancing poses. Mindful Moving is recommended/good for relaxing and gentle movement.Raffaella Giacomoni, Corrispondente Lingue Esterne