Jiska homeI’ve always believed that health and wellbeing can only be achieved if mind, body and spirit are completely balanced. Taking care of ourselves is essential and many of us don’t give our wellbeing the priority it deserves as we rush around, trying to perform so many tasks each day.

I’m passionate about helping you to live your life, free to enjoy all the physical activities you wish through the treatments, therapies and workshops I offer. I believe that balance is the key to complete health and I love creating awareness about body & mind, knowing how it can help reduce stress and fatigue as well as many other ailments.

With the hectic pace of our daily lives we often neglect our bodies. Only in moments of stillness do we suddenly experience a stiffness or pain. And that’s when we start to think perhaps we should go to a therapist, get a massage or some rest. For me it’s important that your minor physical problems don’t turn into something far more serious, reducing your freedom and causing real discomfort. We can all live so much easier if we learn to understand the signals that our bodies send us and don’t push ourselves beyond our physical and mental limits.With more awareness you can avoid chronic physical problems and move to a slower, more enjoyable pace, seriously reducing your stress levels. This way you become more grounded and able to deal with whatever life throws at you.

I look forward to helping you feel strong, calm and wonderful!

Jiska van der Kooij 
Qualified Physiotherapist & Trainer

Two themes have been present throughout my career and indeed most of my adult life. My fascination with the body & mind connection and my love for teaching.

My professional story starts back in 1999 in the Netherlands, my native country, where I received my degree in Physiotherapy, writing my thesis on psychosomatic problems. My career began with me working in a hospital where I saw and treated many kinds of neurological and orthopaedic patients. I then moved to the polyclinic, working with patients suffering from chronic lung disease as well as psychosomatic disorders.

Then an opportunity opened up in Switzerland and for the next two years I worked as a physiotherapist, treating both the elderly as well as sportspeople. I have always found great satisfaction in helping people become more mobile and here I witnessed the power of group exercise in achieving this. It is something I still value and recommend today.

Returning to the Netherlands, I then started working as a freelance physiotherapist. It was during this time that I became increasingly aware that I wanted to apply and share my experience and focus on the body & mind connection. I studied for a post-graduate diploma in Communications so that I could train others and pass on my knowledge.

In 2011 I moved to Italy where I started my new practice. In the summer of 2012 my degree in Physiotherapy was officially recognised by the Italian Ministry of Health.

• 2009-2010 ‘De Galan School voor Training’ Ede,
The Netherlands Post graduate education in Communications training ‘Train the trainer’

• 1995-1999 ‘University of applied sciences’ Utrecht,
The Netherlands Bachelor of Health Science, physiotherapy Diploma June 1999

• 1994-1995 ‘The traveling Folkhighschool’ Denmark,
Zambia-Africa Hygiene and tree planting project

• 1987-1994 ‘Higher General Secondary Education’ Zeist,
The Netherlands Diploma may, 1994

• 2014 Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, of Ger Schurink MBCT Trainingen • 2013 Heartmath Stress Relief Program • 2013 Path of Mindfulness for Personal Growth, Treviglio Italia • 2011 ‘Advanced course Italian language, CILS 3′ Certificate September, 2013

• 2011 ‘TEFL teaching English as a foreign language, i-to-i’ Certificate April, 2011

• 2009 ‘Personal effectiveness’ and ‘Coping with aggression’

• 2007 ‘Time management’

• 2004 ‘Initial Sales Training and legislation temp agencies’ Certificate December, 2004 - Mc Connel approach to chronic knee problems 
- Mc Connel approach to chronic low back and leg pain
- Brian Mulligan Concepts, Introductory Course
- Modified Pilates for Physiotherapists in Women’s Health